Single-Stroke Update for a Mechanical Shear



We get an occasional request for a single-stroke package for a mechanical shear. In many cases our full-rev punch press control will work well in this application.

This selection normally comes into play when a manufacturer is looking to safeguard the back of a shear. This can be done quite easily with a fence type guard but you’ll need a gate to access the back of the machine. A gate will require an electric interlock switch to keep the machine from operating when the gate is open. Most mechanical shears are actuated with a mechanical treadle so an electrically controlled trip device (our press control) needs to replace the treadle. This allows the operator to interface the electrical interlock.

To utilize our control the treadle is disconnected from the clutch linkage and an air cylinder is incorporated into that linkage. The cylinder is tied into our control system which provides a foot activated single stroke mode of operation for the shear. We can add a Foot Maintained Continuous key select option for production shearing. In this mode, the shear will continue to cycle as long as the foot switch is held down.

When we first started supplying our control package for shear applications, I thought that the best features to promote on this upgrade were the ability to interface with auxiliary guarding equipment, and the greater physical ease of activating a foot switch versus a treadle.

I discovered there is another benefit. On some shears you can depress the treadle when the machine is not running, then release the treadle and step away. When you start the motor again the machine will cycle on its own.

This is an unintended actuation that will scare the hell out of your safety staff.

Our control eliminates that possibility.

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